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Bigscale Logperch (Percina macrolepida)

The Bigscale Logperch or Percina macrolepida is just one of the 11 different species of Logperch found in North America.  The Bigscale Logperch is a freshwater fish that is found in a few different states including Texas, California, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  They are not very large, only growing to about 4" in maximum length.  These fish are slender with black or green vertical bars running down their bodies.

Bigscale Logperch are normally found near the bottom of slow moving streams, rivers and sometimes lakes.  They are known to bury themselves under the sand much like the saltwater Shovelnose Guitarfish, lying in wait for their unsuspecting prey to swim on by.  Logperch will also use this technique to hide from potential predators.  They feed on insect larvae and smaller fish.    
Bigscale Logperch reach sexual maturity in their second year and spawning will normally occur between February and mid-July. These fish have a rather bizarre mating ritual in which the female Bigscale Logperch will stand on her tail to attract the male.  Once the male takes notice they will press up against each other and the female will lay 100 to 400 eggs, normally in a plant or small gravel pit.

You can check out a similar species the Conasauga Logperch flipping rocks in search of food in the video below.  

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