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One Spot Foxface

The One Spot Foxface or Siganus unimaculatus is a type of Rabbitfish that gets its name from the distinct black marking near the back of its body. The One Spot Foxface is a saltwater herbivore and can be fed fresh vegetables or algae. Because of its ability to consume algae this fish will keep your fish tank cleaner longer and makes it a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts. This is a small peaceful fish that can only grow to just over 7" in length and can live over five years. The One Spot Foxface normally will be left alone by other tank mates because it has venomous, dorsal spines. If you are pricked by these spines you should seek medical attention immediately. Also known as the Blotched Rabbitfish, this is a hardy fish that should work very well in a salt water aquarium. This fish is normally found in the Western Pacific around reefs normally no deeper than 40 meters. You can check out this fish in the video below.

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