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Rope Fish

The Rope Fish or Erpetoichthys calabaricus is a snake-like fish that originated in Africa. This timid creature makes a great addition to an aquarium and has even been know to eat right out of your hand! Also known as the Reed Fish or Snake Fish, this fish is known to be able to survive outside of the water much like the Mudskipper, African Lungfish and the Snakehead. It will actually walk on land by slithering through the wet grass lands of Africa from water pool to water pool. If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your aquarium, watch out this fish is so active at night that it can jump out of the tank, never leave uncovered. NOTE:The Rope Fish has an unique accessory breathing organ so if they are not allowed access to an air supply they will drown. The Rope Fish can grow up to 16" in length, but rarely reaches this length in an aquarium setting. This fish feeds on shrimps insects, fish and worms. Providing the Rope Fish with a nice place to hide is must. You can check out the Rope Fish for yourself in the video below...

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