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Pacific Hagfish

The Pacific Hagfish or Eptatretus stoutii is quite often known as the slime eel because of the amazing amount of slime that this fish can create in just a flash! Needles to say that this unique defense mechanism makes them very undesirable to potential predators.

This deep sea fish is often found directly on the sea floor. They act as a garbage disposal for the sea feeding on dead carcasses and anything else that sink down to the bottom. The Pacific Hagfish will swarm the carcass and actually eat it from the inside out with its sharp teeth! Believe it or not, this fish and its slime are eaten in many Asian countries, from what I understand it is actually quite tasty when prepared correctly. The Pacific Hagfish doesn't have any true eyes but makes up for this with an amazing sense of smell. This saltwater fish can grow over 2' long and has five hearts! To learn even more about the Pacific Hagfish or Slime Eel check out the videos below...

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