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Pygmy Seahorse

The Pygmy Seahorse or Hippocampus bargibanti is one of the smallest of the over 40 different species of Seahorses. This tiny creature will only grow to about 2-1/2cm in length over its lifetime and is only found on Gorgonian corals. The Pygmy Seahorse blends right into the Gorgonian corals to the point where it is very hard to even tell the difference between the coral and the Seahorse. In fact, this Seahorse is so camouflaged that it was only discovered upon close inspection of a Gorgonian coral during an experiment. These fish are found at depths of less than 40 meters in the Western Pacific Ocean from southern Japan to Australia. Little more is know about the Pygmy Seahorse, but if you have additional information please leave us a comment.

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Mancing Gembira said...

I found this species and Pygmy Seahorse Hippocampus Denise when dive in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.
I love this species.
Mancing Gembira

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