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Black Ghost Knifefish

The Black Ghost Knifefish or Apteronotus albifrons is one cool looking freshwater fish. Its long slender eel-like body and white rings on its tail make it quite the sight to be seen. This fish is nocturnal so if you have it in an aquarium setting you should provide plenty of plant cover for the fish to hide in. Clear tubes can also be used so you can still appreciate the beauty of the Black Ghost Knifefish. This type of fish is considered to be very peaceful and can even be trained to eat right out of your hand! You can handle this fish after it become accustom to your presence. This fish can easily grow over 1' long so a larger tank is recommended. In South America the Indians believe that the Black Ghost Knifefish carry the spirits of the dead and they will not hunt or eat this type of fish. They have electrical sensors that run along the bottom of their body which they use to detect food. This fish is by no means a picky eater. It will eat live foods, chopped earthworms, as well as frozen and flaked foods.

Pretty good video of feeding the Black Ghost Knifefish in an aquarium. Just look at the way it uses it's bottom fins to move!

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