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Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

The Mono Sebae or Monodactylus sebae is a diamond shaped aquarium fish. It requires a larger tank of at least 60 gallons due to the fact that this fish can grow over 8" in. length. This fish can survive in fresh water when it is younger, but as it grows it should gradually be introduced to more salty water. These particular fish are normally black and white in color.
The Mono Sebae is sometimes called the African Moony, because it originates in Western Africa. This fish is an omnivore that can be fed on flakes, lettuce and brine shrimp. Puffer Fish and Archer Fish make very good tank mates for the Mono Sebae. In the wild this type of fish is found in brackish mangroves. You can check out the African Moony is an aquarium setting along with some Silver Dollar fish in the video below.

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