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Electric ray (Narcine brasiliensis)

The Electric Ray or Narcine brasiliensis has gray elongated spots with dark brown coloration in the dorsal region and a white belly. They measure on average 34cm (13") in width and 1 kg(2lbs), but can reach 54cm (21") in width, and total weight of 5kg (11lbs). These saltwater fish occur in tropical and temperate waters of the Western Atlantic. These animals are benthic and live in coastal waters with sandy or muddy bottoms.

Electric Rays will bury themselves in the substrate with only their eyes out waiting for unsuspecting prey to wander by.  They are nocturnal, carnivorous and viviparous.  As a defense they can release an electrical discharge from 14 to 37 volts, which is also used to communicate between individuals of the same species.  It is also used as a kind of radar much like the Hammerhead Shark to find prey in the murky waters.  You can check out an Electric Ray in the video below.

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Courtesy of Ellano J. Silva - Fisheries engineering student (UFERSA- Brazil)

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