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White Grunt (Haemulon plumieri)

The White Grunt or Haemulon plumieri is a saltwater fish that is found offshore in the Gulf Of Mexico as well as the Caribbean Sea, south to Brazil. These fish go by a few different names including, Black Grunt, Boar Grunt, White Snapper, Flannelmouth Grunt, Key West Grunt and the Redmouth Grunt.  Normally found no deeper than 100 feet, these fish get their names from the grunting sounds that they are known to produce. These sounds are made by their air bladders amplifying the grinding of their pharyngeal teeth.  

Another rather odd fact about the White Grunt is that much like the Kissing Gourami, these fish battle with their lips. That's right, these fish are often seen locking lips in a battle for territory. This pushing battle determines which of the fish is stronger and deserves the better land.

White Grunts are normally a cream color with a head that is bronze or yellow. They have a series of dark blue stripes that run through their head with a white underbelly. The main color of this fish will actually change to blend into its surroundings. If this fish is found around sand or light coral even their darkest spots can fade to match.

This fish is a carnivore that often feeds at night. They are not very large, only growing to about 18 inches (46.0 cm) and weighing in at 9.7 pounds (4.38 kg) maximum. Despite there small size, they are often caught commercially and sold as food.  Besides humans, they often fall prey to Snappers, Sharks and Mackerel.  If you have any additional information about the White Grunt please share.

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