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Scat (Scatophagus argus)

The Scat fish or Scatophagus argus is one of only four known species in the Scatophagidae family.  This fish has the ability to survive in saltwater, brackish water and freshwater.  Also known as the Spotted Scat and the Argus Fish, they are often kept in an aquarium setting.  Scats have an oblong body that is laterally compressed.  It has a bunch of dark spots on it that become fainter as they grow older.  This fish is greenish brown with younger fish tending to have some red on their fins.   

Scats are found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and can grow to about 12" (300mm) in length.  In the wild they are scavengers that will eat whatever they can find.  In fact their scientific name actually means excrement eater!  This helps in an aquarium because they are not picky eaters and will help to keep the tank clean.  This fish will eat pretty much anything including green foods such as spinach, peas, flake foods and lettuce.  Triggerfish are said to be a good tankmate for these fish.  You can check out a Scat swimming in the video below.   

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Humbug (Dascyllus aruanus)

The Humbug or Dascyllus aruanus is a popular saltwater aquarium fish from the Pomacentridae family of Damselfish.  Considered to be quite hardy, this fish is a great choice for beginners.  It goes by a couple different names in the aquarium trade including the Three Striped Damsel and the White-tailed Damselfish.

Humbug are found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and can grow to about 3" (75mm) in length.  These fish can easily be identified by the three black bars that run across their bodies and their white tails.  They are the hardiest of the Damselfish.  Chopped meats, flake food and frozen foods as well as algae will keep the Humbug happy and healthy.  Be careful they need plenty of room when kept with similar species.  You can check out the Humbug fish in an aquarium setting in the video below.  

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