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Dwarf Wrymouth (Cryptacanthodes aleutensis)

The Dwarf Wrymouth or Cryptacanthodes aleutensis is one of the four species of Wrymouth found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This particular species is found in the Pugent Sound area.  These saltwater fish have an eel-like elongated body that lacks any scales. They have a pinkish or reddish coloration with long dorsal and anal fins that on at the base of the tale. Dwarf Wrymouth grow to about 1' in length and are often seen buried in the soft sentiment at the bottom of the ocean with its eyes pointing upwards waiting for potential prey to swim by.  Pictured below is an unspecified species of Wrymouth with just it's head sticking out of the sand.
In the video below you can see a different species of Wrymouth, the Giant Wrymouth or Cryptacanthodes giganteus...

Little more is known about the Dwarf Wrymouth, but if you have any additional information feel free to share in the comments below.



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