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Lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus)

The Lingcod or Ophiodon elongatus is a saltwater fish that is found on the west coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska. This fish are often sought after by anglers for their tasty flesh and impressive size. The Lingcod can grow to around 60" (152cm) and weigh in at 130lbs (59kg).  They have large mouths with 18 sharp teeth in them. 

These fish are found in depths of 10 to 100 meters, normally around rocky areas. They will migrate every year starting around October to their spawning grounds close to shore. Lingcod will spawn between December and March in rock crevices or around ledges. Once the females lay their eggs they take off and leave the male to defend the nests until they hatch.
If you have ever caught a Lingcod you know just how tough they are. These fish are serious predators that will feed on anything that swims to close to them including, octopus, herring, invertebrates, salmon and hake.  You can check out a Lingcod in action in the videos below... 

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Longnosed Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris)

Longnosed filefish or Oxymonacanthus longirostris is an odd shaped saltwater fish that is sometimes kept in an aquarium.  Also known as the Harlequin Filefish, Beaked Leatherjacket and the Orange-Green Filefish they normally don't last for a long period of time in the aquarium, but their bizarre appearance still makes them quite popular.  They also have a very particular diet, which makes them all the harder to keep alive.  You can check them out in an aquarium setting in the video below...

As you can see, they have the classic Filefish "file" that stick out above its head as a defense mechanism.  They also have an interesting mating process that you can watch in the video below...

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White Crappie (Pomoxis annularis)

The White Crappie or Pomoxis annularis is a freshwater fish from the Sunfish family Centrarchidae. This popular angling fish is found in all of the lower 48 United States. This fish will feed on a large variety of things including insects, crustaceans and also baby Muskellunge, Walleye and Northern Pike.

If you are fishing for White Crappie you can often find them around weed beds, logs, large rocks and other large underwater structures. The best to time to fish for White Crappie is during the evening or early morning. Spinners, jigs, minnows and worms can all be used to catch this very edible fish, just like its close relative the Black Crappie. They are even caught in the wintertime through the ice.

As with other members of the sunfish family, White Crappie build nests when they spawn. These nests will look very similar that of the Bluegill, round and relatively large in size. Spawning occurs in the spring when water temperatures reach 60°F to 70°F. It only takes about 5 days for the fry to hatch, but they are literally stuck to the nest by an adhesive for another 3-4 days. Once they manage to break themselves free they begin to feed and can grow 5" in just the first year. The biggest White Crappie on records was just over 5lbs caught in Mississippi.  You can check out some White Crappie fishing in the video below... 

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