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Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus)

The Spanish Hogfish or Bodianus rufus is just one of the many different species of Hogfish.  Its body has a predominantly yellow coloration with the upper half of the head and the dorsal area in blue-purple. While young, they are predominantly blue to purple, as the fish grows older the yellow area expands and becomes darker. Its maximum length is 40 cm (15-3/4"), but usually grows to just about 28 cm (11").

In nature they can be found in the Western Atlantic: Bermuda, southern Florida (USA) and throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea to southern Brazil. Spanish Hogfish inhabit coastal and clear shallow water (35 meters) and on coral or rocky substrate. They will feed on crabs, urchins and gastropods.

These saltwater fish are very active in the aquarium, but require places to hide at night, like caves and burrows and corals. They are very sociable, having no problems with other fish. In general are very hardy, and quite suitable for hobbyists.  You can check out the Spanish Hogfish in an aquarium setting in the video below.

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Courtesy of Ellano J. Silva - Fisheries engineering student (UFERSA- Brazil)

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