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Striped Marlin (Tetrapturus audax)

The Striped Marlin or Tetrapturus audax is one of the most sought after game fish in the world. The record Striped Marlin ever caught weighed in at 190 kg (419 lbs), and was 420 cm (14') in length! Often confused with the Sword Fish, the Striped Marlin has a long sword like bill which it uses to stun or kill its prey. These fish generally fish on tuna and cephalopods. Striped Marlin are normally found in between 25 and 200 meters deep in the Indo-Pacific area. They are known for their amazing jumping and fighting abilities, which makes them a favorite among serious anglers. Like many other fish in our oceans though, the Striped Marlin's population has been greatly reduced due to overfishing and changing habitat. Check out the video below to see a crazy man catching a Marlin with his hands from a helicopter...

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