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Tessalata Eel (Gymnothorax favagineus)

The Tessalata Eel or Gymnothorax favagineus almost resembles a cheetah with its dark honeycomb markings that cover its entire body. This salt water eel is quite easy to take care of as a pet, but it does require a rather large aquarium to house. The Tessalata Eel can grow to about 6' in length, so an aquarium of at least 200 gallons is highly recommended. Live feeder fish, octopus, and squid are a good diet for this type of eel. Water conditions in the tank should be about 72-78° F with a pH of 8.1-8.4. Like most other eels lots of hiding places should be provided in an aquarium setting. This eel is also known as the Honeycomb Moray Eel and is native to Sri Lanka.

To see this creature in action watch the video below...



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