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Sheefish (Stendous leucichthys nelma)

The Sheefish or Stendous leucichthys nelma and is also called Inconnu. This fish is only found in the cold waters of the Arctic areas in North America and Asia. It is a very popular gaming fish in places like Alaska and the Yukon. This fish grows quite large, in fact the record Sheefish was caught in 1986 and weighed in at 53lbs!  Here is some footage of a monster Inconnu!

Also known as the Tarpon of the North, these fish are known for their fighting ability and delicious flavor. The Sheefish has silver sides that seem to darken to a blackish green along the top of their bodies. Their large silver scales are said to resemble the Tarpon, hence their nickname.Sheefish have a strange mouth that is almost completely square and void of any teeth! They prey on Grayling, and any other fish they can fit into their mouth. Since they lack teeth they simply swallow their prey whole. A popular technique for fishing is to use large spoons or flies in rivers. If you have any other facts, fishing tips or recipes you would like to share, please leave them below in the comments, thanks!

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