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Alaskan Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma)

Alaskan Pollock or Theragra chalcogramma are the number one source of fish in the world. Believe it or not 3 million tons of Alaska Pollock are caught ever year in the North Pacific ocean. Unfortunately due to overfishing this species populations have been on the decline over the past 8 years.

Pollock fish have a white belly and can grow to about 3-1/2' in length weighing in at almost 50lbs! Alaskan Pollock can be easily identified by the lateral line that goes down the side of its body. These fish are from the Cod family Gadidae. Many ocean species rely Pollock as a food source including seals, whales, and Halibut.
Alaskan Pollock are often found around shipwrecks and feed on invertebrates, small fish and shrimp. Normally the larger Pollock are found deeper than small ones. Pollock can be caught by simply casting near structures with artificial lures. Mackerel Trees and Diamond Jigs are recommended or with live bait.

Also known as the Walleye Pollock or Mintai this fish is often used in fast food in places like Burger King, Dairy Queen, Arby's, and even in McDonald's famous Filet-O-Fish sandwich. If you have any Alaskan Pollock recipes please share them in the comments below...

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Anonymous said...

This fish is also called "Seelachs" in Germany and very popular because"Fischstaebchen"(breaded fishsticks)are mostly made of it - an absolute classic ob german food.

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