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Cusk (Brosme brosme)

The Cusk fish or Brosme brosme is a long slender saltwater fish from the Lotidae family. Found in the Northern Atlantic this fish goes by a few different names including Tusk, Torsk, Moonfish, Brismak and Brosmius.

Cusk look a lot like many different species of Cod, but can be distinguished by the fact that they only have one dorsal fin. These fish can grow to about 3' (100cm) in length and can weigh up to 30lbs (14kg). When young they tend to have yellow bands on their side that will fade with age. Older Cusk are often a pale gray in coloration.  You can check out a Cusk fish in action in the video below... 

Considered to be quite tasty, Cusk are often caught offshore in depths of 60' or more. A rocky bottom is normally a good habitat for these bottom feeders. It will eat crustaceans, invertebrates and mollusks for the most part. Once caught these fish are often sold as fresh or frozen fillets.
Spawning of the Cusk occurs between the months of April and July. A female Cusk can produce more than 2 million eggs in just one season! Once the Cusk is born it will live near the surface until it reaches about 2" then it will make its way towards to rocky bottom.

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