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Redear Sunfish (Lepomis microlophus)

The Redear Sunfish or Lepomis microlophus is a freshwater fish found in the Souteastern United States. This panfish is often confused with the Bluegill, but is usually a bit larger with a slightly different coloration. The males of this species will have a red edge on their operculum while the female has an orange edge.  The operculum is the bony part of the fish that covers the gills.  You can check out the Redear Sunfish in action in the video below.   

This game fish goes by many different names including the Cherry Gill, Sun Perch, Shellcracker, Stumpknocker, Georgia Bream and Improved Bream. Often feeding on snails and other goodies found on the bottom, the Redear Sunfish can grow to about 17" (43cm). They have specially designed mouths that allows them to use their pharyngeal teeth and moving mouth plates to crush their prey with ease. This unique trait has even won them respects in regards to controlling the invasive mussel problem that plagues some freshwater areas.
Like the Bluegill, this species will build nests in close proximity to one another and wait for the females to lay their eyes. These fish are even known to hybridizes with other Sunfish.  If you have any additional information about the Redear Sunfish including recipes and fishing tips please leave a comment below.


Nancy from Fishing Australia said...

marine life is really amazing this is cool site

1Green Thumb said...

Thanks Nancy : ) It is really fun to work on, I am glad you enjoyed all the fish!

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