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Gray Snapper (Lutjanus griseus)

The Gray Snapper or Lutjanus griseus is thought to be one of the more intelligent fish in the ocean. This saltwater fish has the ability to change it coloration to a bright red to blend in with its surroundings and avoid potential predators. Also known as the Mangrove Snapper, Mango Snapper, Grey Snapper, Black Snapper, Lowyer or Cabellerote they grow to about 35.4 inches (90cm) and can weigh in at as much as 29.5 pound (13.4 kg). This fish has a continuous dorsal fin with 10 spines, the fourth of which is the longest.

The Gray Snapper will feed mostly on small fish and crustaceans. It is prized for its tasty flesh and considered to be a difficult fish to catch. The best bait to catch this species of Snapper is minnows, shrimp or squid. Sometimes chum is used to attract these Snappers.  You can learn more about the Gray Snapper in the videos below.

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