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Glassy Sweeper (Pempheris schomburgki)

The Glassy Sweeper or Pempheris schomburgki is a small saltwater fish with a tall, long body. They have a big head with large eyes and a very wide mouth. These fish are quite the sight to be seen when they are younger.  Their bodies are so transparent that the backbone can be seen in the living fish.  As they grow older, their bodies become more solid reaching lengths of about 15cm in length.

Also known as the Copper Sweeper, their color varies from tan-yellow to silver. They are found in Western Atlantic, southeastern Florida, USA, from Bahamas to Santa Catarina (south of Brazil) and Brazilian oceanic islands.  They are a nocturnal species found in clear water with coral bottom, forming aggregations in dark crevices and caves.   Glassy Sweepers can be kept in an aquarium plenty of hiding spaces.  This fish will feed on zooplankton and invertebrate larval in the wild.  You can check out a large school of adult Glass Sweepers in the video below.   

If you have any additional information about the Glassy Sweeper please leave us a comment below.

Courtesy of Ellano J. Silva - Fisheries engineering student (UFERSA- Brazil)

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