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Comet Grouper (Calloplesiops altivelis)

The Comet Grouper or Calloplesiops altivelis is a popular aquarium fish that is sometimes referred to as the Marine Betta.  This species comes from the Serranidae family of Sea Basses and Groupers which contains roughly 370 different species of saltwater fish.

Comet Groupers are small predatory fish that can grow to about 6" (150mm) in length and are found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  They have a beautiful brown body with many small blue spots.  They have a false eye at the end of their dorsal fin making it tricky for predators choose which end to attack.  This species of Grouper has yet another trick up its fin... It tail has evolved to look much like the head of a dangerous predator, the moray eel and it said to warn off potential predators.  You can check out the Marine Betta in action in the video below.   

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