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Black Piranha (The Fish With The Most Powerful Bite)

The Black Piranha or Serrasalmus rhombeus is a freshwater fish found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in South America.  This predator is known for its amazing bite!  In fact, the Black Piranha has the most powerful bite of any animal in history, even a T-Rex!  Their highly developed jaw muscles allow the black piranha to exert bite force equivalent to 30 times its bodyweight!  This is more then the Great White Shark and even more then it's prehistory cousin the Megalodon!  You can check out their powerful bite in the video below.   

Black Piranhas are light colored when they are young with black spots, but as they mature their bodies turn black and their eyes turn red.  This fish does is not a swarm hunter like is close relative the Red-bellied Piranhas, but it is still considered to be a dangerous fish.

They are sometime kept in an aquarium of at least 100 gallons and can grow to about 16" in length.  Dim lighting is said to make the Piranha feel at home.  As you can imagine they are a carnivore that needs plenty of live foods. 

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