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Atlantic Bigeye (Priacanthus arenatus)

The Atlantic Bigeye or Priacanthus arenatus is a saltwater fish that is found in small schools, in and around reefs. These fish can grow to about 12" in length and are generally more active in the night then in the daytime. This species of Bigeye feeds on crustaceans, small fish and polychaetes. They fall prey to larger fish such as Triggerfish and some sharks.

Atlantic Bigeye have the ability to change colors from a dark red, to a light pink within seconds! Some think that this is a form of communication to others in the group, but no one really knows for sure. Found in the tropical waters of the Western Atlantic, these fish are quite edible and are considered to have a great flavor.  You can view an Atlantic Bigeye underwater in the video below.

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