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Atlantic Wolffish (Anarhichas lupus)

The Atlantic Wolffish or Anarhichas lupus is a rather odd looking saltwater fish that spends most of its time on the bottom floor of the ocean. They resemble a Blenny in appearance, but are much larger, growing to about 5' (150cm) in length and weighing in at 40lbs (18kg). You can check out some awesome footage of the Atlantic Wolffish in the video below.

This species of Wolffish goes by several different names throughout the world including the Atlantic Catfish, Seawolf, Devil Fish, Ocean Catfish, Wolf Eel and the Sea Cat. They are found in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean with a temperature range of 34-37°F (1-2°C). Like some other species of fish, they have a natural antifreeze in their blood that allows them to survive in such frigid conditions!

The Atlantic Wolffish has a serious set of chompers! They have 4-6 fang-like teeth in both their upper and lower jaws as well as a set of conical teeth. Behind that, they have a row of crushing teeth and four pairs of molars! Their throat is also scattered with serrated teeth. They use these extensive sets of teeth to crush anything with a shell and turn it into a tasty meal!

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