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Kelp Bass (Paralabrax clathratus)

The Kelp Bass or Paralabrax clathratus is a saltwater fish that is found in the eastern North Pacific Ocean. This fish is also called the Calico Bass, and is found in and around kelp beds. They are also seen in rocky, shallow waters.  You can check out the Calico Bass in action in the video below.

Kelp Bass can reach lengths of about 28-1/2" (72cm), and can live to be about 34 years old. These fish are quite edible and are also fun to catch, with a decent fight for their size. This fish will feed on crustaceans, squid and small fish. They will spawn in the warmer summer months in deep water. Once the babies are developed they will take shelter in the kelp. They are known to become quite territorial while spawning and there are even a few storied of these fish biting humans.
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