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Greater Amberjacks (Seriola Dumerili)

Greater Amberjacks or Seriola dumerili are the largest of the three different kinds of Amberjack fish which include the Lesser Amberjacks and the Banded Rudderfish. Greater Amberjacks are found in many places around the world in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian coasts. They are often found in bettween 20 and 100 m in depth.

Greater Amberjacks are a quite popular sporting fish due to their fast swimming abilities which makes a great challenge for even the toughest angler. These sporting fish put up a fantastic fight and are ferocious predators. This type of Amberjack grows to about 6' in maximum length and can weigh in at 80kg! Females of this species grow larger and live longer that the males. Maximum life spand is about 17 years. Sexual maturity is reached at about 5 years of age. They are brownish blue in color and have a band that goes over its eye. When these Amberjacks are young they have vertical stripes on their bodies that fade as they grow older. Often found in schools when they are younger, the Great Amberjack spends more and more time alone as it grows older.

Greater Amberjacks are edible and can be prepared fried, broiled, baked, or grilled for human consumption. They are not the best tasting fish or the worse tasting fish... If you have an Amberjack recipe that you would like to share or fishing tips please leave them in the comments below...

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Anonymous said...

I caught a Greater Amberjack in Key West. We used a Mccormik Grill Mates Madinade to marinate the fish then grilled it-delicious! I think it was the garlic, herb, and wine marinade. We offered the charter captain some when he butcherd it, but he didn't seem too enthusiastic-almost like it was junk fish. But I thought very delicious.

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