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Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri)

The Wahoo or Anthocybium Solanderi is one of the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds of almost 50 mph! These fish are prized by anglers because they are an illusive, but powerful fish that once hooked are capable of impressive jumps and graceful re-entries into the tropical waters. This saltwater fish is found in temperatures of 70-86°F. Once caught the Wahoo is flat out delicious, it was even Ernest Hemingway's favor game fish.

The Wahoo is known by several different names including Ono in Hawaii and Peto in many other places around the world. They can grow to about 8 feet in length and weigh in over 180lbs! This along with the fact that Wahoos are extremely quick growers makes them quite the coveted trophy fish. Just have a look at this monster fish below...
If you are looking to catch Wahoo trying tolling about 7 or so MPH with a spoon or try a rig with pinfish, this seems to work well. If you have any Wahoo fishing tips you would like to share please leave a comment.

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