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Cobia (Rachycentron canadum)

The Cobia or Rachycentron canadum is a saltwater fish that is found from the Gulf of Mexico, to as far up the coast as Maryland in the summer months. They are known by many different names including the Black Salmon, Ling, Lemonfish, Crabeaters, Aruan Tasek and the Black Kingfish.

Cobia are a very popular kind of sporting fish, especially in Florida where they make their yearly appearances around March. They are known for their tenacious fight and large stature. Growing to about 6' (2m) in maximum length, these saltwater monsters can weigh over 150lbs (68kg)! If you are planning on catching one of these Cobia or Ling fish make sure you have the proper equipment, as these fish tend to make many runs and can truly test the endurance of even the most experienced fisherman.Cobia fish have long, smooth bodies with two dark brown bands down their sides. They have flat heads with a protruding lower jaw. Their bodies are dark brown with a lighter underbelly. Cobia are distinguished from other fish by the fact that the dorsal fin is composed of 7 to 9 spines that are not connected by a membrane giving them almost a prehistoric look. You can check out the Cobia in action below in the video...

Cobia are said to be one of the finest tasting fish in the ocean. They can be caught by bottom fishing or trolling with a bright jig. Live baits for bottom fishing can including eels, pinfish, and even crabs. They can often be found in shallow waters around piers, wrecks. Watch out once you get this fish into the boat the fight can just be beginning. Cobia really have a never say die attitude and can injure fisherman or even boats with their thrashing.

If you have a fishing tip or recipe for the Cobia that you would like to share please leave it in the comments below...

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They like shatreze spiner baits

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