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Jeweled Goby Cichlid (Tanganicodus irsacae)

The Jeweled Goby Cichlid or Tanganicodus irsacae is a very easy to care for aquatic pet. This combined with the fact that they have a unique body that is covered with blue spots,  along with a few stripes makes them a perfect starter fish for a freshwater aquarium. The eyes on this fish are large, and set towards the top of their head giving them a "cute" appearance. They have a smaller than normal swim bladder which makes them have a funny way of swimming. Very fun to watch!

Also known as the Spotfin Goby Cichlid, this is just one of the many species of Cichlid that comes from a place in Africa called Lake Tanganyika. Kept in an aquarium of 40 gallons or more the Jeweled Goby Cichlid should bring given many hiding places, especially if they are kept with other fish. This fish is not considered to be overly aggressive, but they can be territorial if not given enough room to swim. They are often found near the bottom of the aquarium, so mixing them with some top level or mid level aquarium fish shouldn't be too much of a problem. This Goby will only grow to about 2-1/2" in maximum length which makes it one of the smallest of the Gobys. The Jeweled Goby Cichlid is an omnivore that prefers a water temperature of 72-82° F, KH 12-20, and a PH level of 8.0-9.0. If you manage to get this species of Cichlid to spawn you will notice that they are mouth brooders which simple means that the females carry their eggs in their mouths until hatching. After this the males will actually protect them in his mouth while they are very small. What makes them a bit different from other Cichlids is the fact that they are completely monogamous which means that they stay with the same mate. Once the fry hatch they can be fed brine shrimp along with flake foods. As they grow older you should feed them vegetable flake food along with meaty foods on occasion. You can also but pellets special designed for Cichlids here!

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