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White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)

The White Sturgeon or Acipenser transmontanus is the largest freshwater fish in North America growing to over 20' long and weighing in at almost 1,800lbs! Like other Sturgeons, including the Sterlet, this fish has no scales. Instead, its body is covered with large bony scutes that help protect this fish from potential pre-historic predators. Why Pre-Historic you may ask?  That is because this fish has been roaming the freshwaters of the world for over 175 million years!
The underside of this fish is white, hence the name the White Sturgeon. Also known as the Pacific sturgeon, Oregon sturgeon, Columbia sturgeon, and Sacramento sturgeon, it has four barbels on the bottom of its head that are used to sense food. Like other Sturgeon, it has a toothless mouth that acts like a vacuum cleaner to suck up its food. The White Sturgeon's internal bone structure is mostly cartilage, which means that it is actually more similar to a Shark than a fish. You can learn more about these monster fish and see them in action in the video below...

The White Sturgeon has been overfished in recent years for its flesh and its eggs, which are using in making caviar. Today White Sturgeon fishing is highly restricted in many places throughout the world. The continued habitat destruction and pollution makes the survival of the White Sturgeon in question.

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