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Black African Knifefish (Xenomystus nigri)

The Black African Knifefish or Xenomystus nigri is an odd looking fish with no dorsal or caudal fins. Instead, like other species of Knifefish they have an elongated anal fin that they use to maneuver around. They have a long slender bodies that can reach lengths of about 12" (30cm). As their name states they are gray, black or brown in coloration with a knife shaped body.  You can check out their rather unique way of swimming in the video below...

This species of Knifefish is found in many coastal river basins in Africa including the Congo, Nile, Chad and Niger basins. They go by a couple different names including the African Brown Knife Fish or simply the African Knife Fish. These fish are mostly nocturnal, and will often stay in hiding during the day. Take this into consideration if you are thinking of purchasing a Black African Knifefish for your freshwater aquarium. They get along well with most other species of fish, but shouldn't be kept with fast moving aggressive fish. Black African Knifefish should be fed a variety of food including snails, brine shrimp, worms and other meaty preparations.
One odd fact about the Black African Knifefish is that they are able to produce barking sounds. No one is really sure of the exact purpose of this strange habit.

If you have any additional information about the Black African Knifefish please leave us a comment. 

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