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Black Bullhead (Ameiurus melas)

The Black Bullhead or Ameiurus melas is a species of Catfish that is found in many places in North America including The Great Lakes, Ontario, New York, Arizona and California just to name a few.  This species of freshwater fish goes by a few different names depending on where you are including Horned Pout, Yellow Belly Bullhead and the Black Catfish.

Despite its name, this fish is actually normally green, olive and even has some yellowish shades.  The only time this fish is black is when the male is spawning or when they are first born.  Their underbellies are white or yellow in coloration.  The barbels of the Black Bullhead are often spotted or just black altogether, and these fish have a rather square tail.
Growing to just over 2' in length, they can live to about 10 years old and reach weighs of over 7lbs.  Black Bullhead are nocturnal and will feed on fish, clams, snails and even some plants.  When they spawn the female will prepare the nest.  Each time the eggs are released both parents will actually fan the eggs until they hatch.  Then they will guard the fry until they leave in groups into the great unknown.

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