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Common Roach (Rutilus rutilus)

The Common Roach or Rutilus rutilus is a freshwater fish that is found in many places in Western Asia and Europe. From the Cyprinidae family, these fish are not very large, only growing to about 18 inches (45cm). These fish can also survive in brackish waters and can be identified by their red fins. Their bodies are generally silver with a white underbelly. As this fish grows it tends to become broader than the slender younger Common Roach. Most Roach have a red spot in their iris above their pupil.

Common Roach are often found in water with medium to thick vegetation. They can survive poor water conditions including pollution and high temperatures, as well as high salinity. In the winter months these fish will often retreat to deeper waters.
Often caught with a maggot or worm these fish are considered to be quite easily to catch in many places in Britain. The fact that Common Roaches are often found in schools like Perch, makes it all the easier once you have caught one, there is normally more in the same spot.

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