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Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus)

The Round Goby or Neogobius melanostomus is a freshwater fish that is found in Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie and Superior in the state of Michigan but originated in Europe. This fish has a gray body with blotches of black and brown scattered across it. Round Goby are not very large only growing to about 10 to 25 cm in length.  As Round Goby grow they will eat a variety of foods including small fish, eggs, insect larvae, zebra mussels and clams.
These fish are often confused with Sculpins, but can be differentiated by their pelvic fin. The Round Goby has a fused pelvic fin, while Sculpins have a split pelvic fin. Like other Gobies they can reproduce quickly, producing about 5,000 eggs multiple times throughout the summer months. Male Round Goby will guard the nest fanning the eggs to keep them oxygenated and protecting them from potential predators. Their quick reproduction rate combined with the fact that they can survive in brackish and low quality water makes them an invasive species.  You can check out a bunch of Round Goby fish attacking a Smallmouth Bass nest in the video below...

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Lana said...

We have just acquired, what we believe to be very young Round Goby, inch in length. In a 48 of Giant Sailfin Molly's and loaches, plus some show guppies and a school of corys. Thinking after doing a bit of research he may end up eating smaller fish, when he grows up. He came in accidentally with a shipment of Swordtails! We rescued him sort of speak. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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