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Swordspine Snook (Centropomus ensiferus)

The Swordspine Snook or Centropomus ensiferus is a species of Snook that is found inshore in brackish or fresh waters in South Florida in The United States. This species of Snook is the smallest, only growing to about 12" in length and weighing in at about 1 lbs maximum.

Swordspine Snook have a very prominent lateral line that runs all the way down their bodies and into their caudal fin. They get their name from their rather large anal spine that sticks out like a sharp sword. Normally yellowish green in coloration, they have a silver underbelly and have the largest scales of all the species of Snook.

Swordspine Snook will spawn in the summertime and are able to survive in both saltwater and freshwater, but cannot survive in waters below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They feed on smaller fish and crustaceans.  You can check out the Swordspine Snook along with a Lima Catfish in the video below... 

If you are fishing for Swordspine Snook you know just how hard they can be to catch. They are known to be rather picky about what bait they go after and are notorious for their powerful fight in relation to their small size. Fishing for Swordspine Snook is often done at night around mangroves, docks and inlets. If you have any additionally information about the Swordspine Snook please leave us a comment below.

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