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Queensland Lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri)

The Queensland lungfish or Neoceratodus forsteri is one of the eight remaining species of Lungfish on the planet.  Like other Lungfish it has the ability to survive outside of water for days.  Not quite as impressive as the African Lungfish which can survive outside of water for years!

Also known as the Australian lungfish, Dala, Burnett salmon or the Barramunda, this ancient freshwater fish is the last surviving member of the family Ceratodontidae and order Ceratodontiformes. These fish are found exclusively in the following river systems, Mary, Burnett, Albert, Brisbane, Coomera and the Stanley rivers.

Queensland Lungfish can grow to about 5' in length and can weigh as much as 95lbs with females tending to be a bit larger then their male counterparts. If you manage to catch one of these fish you will notice that they are covered in a slime when they are out of the water.

Like other Lungfish this fish actually has to ability to breath air from the surface when the water levels become low or with poor oxygen levels, often during the dry season. This odd characteristic makes them a favorite in an aquarium setting where they can be fed earthworms, frogs and other kinds of meat to feed their carnivorous appetite.  You can learn more about the Queensland Lungfish in the videos below... 

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