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Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)

The Red Drum or Sciaenops ocellatus is a popular sporting fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in coastal waters. This saltwater fish goes by a few different names including Redfish, Spottail Bass, Reds, Bull Reds or Channel Bass. Most Red Drums have a large black dot on its tail which is said to fool potential predators into attacking its back side rather then head on allowing the fish to escape.

In the wild the Red Drum is often found with its close relative the Black Drum and these two species have even been know to breed with one another. They can grow to about 110lbs, but they are commonly only about 5-10lbs. The smaller the fish the better the taste is a general rule for Red Drums, but the big ones sure are fun to catch. They put up a fantastic fight!
When fishing for Red Drum live bait is always best. Crabs, shrimp and minnows are said to be great for catching Red Drum. These fish are bottom feeders so fish on, or just above the bottom is recommended for best results.  You can check out the a school of Redfish in action in the video below... 

Spawning of the Red Drum occurs from August to October during which a female can produce over 2 million eggs! If you have any additional information about the Red Drum leave us a comment below.

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Howard said...

I am interested in finding images for the organ locations and skeletal structure of red drum. If anyone can offer a source for these I would appreciate it.

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