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Birdmouth Wrasse (Gomphosus caeruleus)

The Birdmouth Wrasse or Gomphosus caeruleus gets its name from its elongated snout which resembles that of a bird. As you can imagine this bizarre appearance along side their constant moment in an aquarium makes them a favorite pet. Many people also say that this fish looks and swims just like a dolphin which adds to their appeal.

This saltwater fish is sometimes known as the Green Birdmouth Wrasse, and is one of the over 400 different species of Wrasses in the Labridae family. This particular species is found in the Indo-Pacific and can grow to about 10" in length. Birdmouth Wrasse adult males are blueish green while females and younger males are brown.  You can check out this Wrasse in the video below...

In an aquarium the Birdmouth Wrasse should be fed a variety of foods including, mysis shrimp, krill, brineshrimp and some greens. They are considered to be peaceful, but their constant activity can annoy some cranky tankmates.  They require a rather large tank of at least 70 gallons.  

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