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Giant Lake Biwa Catfish (Silurus biwaensis)

Giant Lake Biwa Catfish (Silurus biwaensis) is a very large Catfish that is found in Japan in Lake Biwa along with the Largemouth Bass and many other species.  Also known as Biwako-ohnamazu this freshwater monster is the largest fish in Lake Biwa, weighing up to 331lbs (150kg) and growing to a length of  106" (270cm).

Tthe Giant Lake Biwa Catfish has barbel that allow them to sense their prey around them.   They are even believed to be able to predict earthquakes as seen on River Monsters.  Giant Lake Biwa Catfish are known to become much more active and therefore caught by commercial fisherman just before earthquakes.

If you have any additional information about the Biwako-ohnamazu please leave us a comment below.  

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