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Sand Diver (Synodus intermedius)

The Sand Diver or Synodus intermedius is one of the more common species of Lizardfish.  This saltwater fish from the Synodontidae family can grow to 18" (45cm) in length and is cigar shaped.  These fish will vary in color quite a bit as they can actually change coloration to match their backgrounds.  They can often be identified by a dark spot on the gill cover.
Sand Divers are found in the Western Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf Of Mexico.  These fish will bury themselves in the sand and wait for a potential meal to swim by, then strike with lightning speed and razor sharp teeth.  They are also known as the Intermediate Lizardfish, Sanddiver Lizardfish and Filamented Sand Dragon.  You can learn a bit more about the Sand Diver in the video below.


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