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Striped Eel Catfish (Plotosus lineatus)

The Striped Eel Catfish or Plotosus lineatus is a saltwater fish found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. These fish have two parallel white lines running down the sides of their bodies. They have long second dorsal and anal fins that merge with their caudal fin to give them the eel like appearance. You can experience what it is like to swim with the Striped Eel Catfish in the video below.

This species is also known as the Saltwater Catfish or Coral Catfish and is from the Plotosidae family of Catfishes. They can be kept in an aquarium, but be warned these fish have venomous spines so please handle with extreme care. These fish can grow to 12" (300mm), so a fairly large aquarium is recommended.

In the wild when the Striped Eel Catfish is young they will form dense schools of fish in a ball shape to make themselves seem larger to potential predators and to feed. As they grow older they lose this community attitude and separate themselves from the pack. Like other catfish, they feed on the bottom with their barbels searching for a meal by sifting through the sand for crustaceans, worms and very small fish.

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