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Quillback (Carpiodes cyprinus)

The Quillback or Carpiodes cyprinus is a common fish found in the large river including places like Florida's panhandle and other areas of the eastern and central United States. This is a sucker fish that grows to about 26" in maximum length and weigh in at about 12lbs maximum. It does look a bit like the Carp, but it can be distinguished by the lack of barbels around this fish's mouth. This fish is silver colored with very large scales down its body.

This fish gets the name Quillback from its strange filament that runs back from its dorsal fin. The Quillback feeds on insect larvae and other organisms in the bottoms of rivers and streams. The mouth of this fish like other suckers is situated on the underside of the head and the snout extends forward beyond the jaws.These fish spawn in the months of March and April normally. The female of this species can produce from 15,000 to 360,000 eggs apiece! They may live as long as ten or eleven years in the wild.

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