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Sandbar Shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus)

The Sandbar Shark or Carcharhinus plumbeus is one of the biggest coastal sharks in the entire world. They can grow up to 2-1/2 meters (8 feet) in length! Also known as the Thickskin Shark or the Brown Shark these sharks are either a bluish or brownish grey. The Sandbar Shark is sometimes found in groups of up to six and are most active during the night or at dawn and dusk.

Their dorsal fin like most sharks is triangular, but it stands up high then most other sharks and can weigh almost 1/5 of its total body weigh! As you can imagine these sharks are often found in muddy or sandy areas in bays, harbors, and even the mouths of rivers.
This type of shark often feeds on smaller fish, stingrays and other unlucky forms of prey that dwell on the bottom. The Sandbar Shark is viviparous which means they carry their young inside their bodies before birth, in this case a full year!

Although rarely attacking humans, this shark is quite dangerous due to its large size. If anything the shark should be more afraid of humans. In fact the Sandbar Shark is the most commonly caught of all the sharks in the world. They also fall prey to Bull Sharks, Tiger Shark and even the Great White Shark!

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