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Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona)

The Tiger Barb or Puntius tetrazona can be an aggressive fish when kept in an aquarium with slower moving fish. I guess it could be considered the personal trainer fish, as it keeps other fish active and is even known to nip the fins of slow movers. They dart around the tank with plenty of energy and enjoy being in schools of 6 or more which makes them much less aggressive.

Also known as the Sumatra Barb, Tiger Barbs are just one of the over 70 different species of Barbs. They are silver or gold in color with black vertical stripes like that of the Perch. When kept in an aquarium setting a tank of at least 40 gallons in recommended. This freshwater fish should be kept at temperatures of 74-79° F with a PH level of 6.0-7.0. Tiger Barbs can grow to about 7cm in length and can live about 6 years.The Tiger Barbs are considered to be quite easy to reproduce. When spawning the Tiger Barb will pair off and the female will lay the egg and wait for the male to fertilize them. The baby Tiger Barbs should hatch in about 5 days and then should be fed brine shrimp until they reach a size where they can switch over to flake foods. Adult Tiger Barbs should be fed a variety of vegetables, meaty food and flake foods. Ideal tank mates include Catfish and Clown Loach. To see the Tiger Barb is action check out this video below...

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