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Atlantic Spadefish (Chaetodipterus faber)

The Atlantic Spadefish or Chaetodipterus faber is a sporting fish that is found in the shallow waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. This fish has 2 dorsal fins and 2 anal fins, going by a few different names in the world including Moonfish, Ocean Cobbler, Angelfish, White Angelfish and Three-tailed Porgy. They have a silver flattened body with black vertical lines, that will fade as the fish grows older. This fish will develop trailing anterior lobes as it grows older as well, which gives them the classic Angelfish look. To learn more about the Atlantic Spadefish watch this video!

If you are fishing for the Atlantic Spadefish you will notice that they are much more active in the hot summer months, this makes all the more fun to catch. These fish are not the biggest, only growing to about 20lbs max and 36" in length, but make up for this with their ferocious fighting spirit which makes them a favorite among anglers. Atlantic Spadefish are often found in schools, so if you catch one of these fish, there are often many more in the waters below.Got a fishing tip for the Atlantic Spadefish? Leave us a comment below...

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