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Tompot Blenny (Parablennius gattorugine)

The Tompot Blenny or Parablennius gattorugine is a small fish that only grows to about 15cm in length and is found in shallow, rocky areas. This saltwater fish is just one of the over 800 different species of Blennies in the world!  The Tompot Blenny can be differentiated from most other Blennies by a pair of tentacles that come out over its eyes, almost like horns. Like other Blennies, this fish has a continuous dorsal fin with the beginning spiny and the remainder soft. Compared to their bodies, the Tompot Blenny has very large pectoral fins which it uses to maneuver around. These fish are normally deep brown or orange.

Tompot Blenny fish feeds on small invertebrates that include sea anemones, hydroids, small gastropods, amphipods, decapod crustaceans and brittle stars. They will breed in the spring time like most other fish. The female Tompot will lay her eggs under stones or in crevices where they are fertilized and guarded by the male fish until hatching occurs. This fish is found in the shallow waters of northwest Europe from the British Isles south to the Mediterranean. It can be kept in an aquarium, but is considered to be much more difficult to care for then other species of Blennies. You can check the Tompot Blenny in a territorial dispute with another Blenny in the video below...

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