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Dover Sole (Solea solea)

The Dover Sole or Common Sole has the scientific name Solea solea. These saltwater fish are considered to be one of the best tasting fish Flatfish in the world! Because of its strange body shape, the Dover Sole is one of the easiest fish to fillet. Their flavor is said to be quite mild, yet sweet and even a bit buttery. You can view the Dover Sole underwater in the videos below...

Dover Sole are normally found in shallow waters that have a sandy bottom. The Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and North Sea all hold Dover Sole fish in them. These fish will often bury themselves in the sand and wait for a potential dinner to swim by. Like the Halibut, these fish are long and flat, almost like someone just ran them over with a steam roller. They can grow to about 28" (70cm) in maximum length. Dover Soles will often feed on crustaceans, worms and mollusks, most often at night.

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