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Black Marlin (Makaira indica)

The Black Marlin or Makaira indica is one of the most sought after trophy fish in the world! This monster fish can grow to over 15' long and weigh in at over 1500lbs! Females Black Marlins are always larger than their male counterparts. These saltwater fish go by a few different names around the world including the Pacific Black Marlin, Giant Black Marlin and the White Marlin.These fish are known for their tremendous fight, amazing speed and most of all their jumping abilities. They even rival the fastest fish in the ocean, the Sailfish! Black Marlin are the only species of Marlin that has non-retractable fins. You can also tell them apart by their dorsal fin, which is the lowest of any billfish. It is only about 50% of the fish's body height. Black Marlin are often blue with a silver belly. They are found in the Indo-Pacific area in tropical and sub-tropical waters. Black Marlin are found in rather shallow waters of 100' of less near land or coral reefs. You can check out these amazing fish with your own eyes in the video below...

Black Marlin are carnivores that will often eat Tuna or Mackerel, but will eat Squid and Scad as well. If you have ever hooked a Black Marlin you know just how challenging it can be to land one of these monsters! A fight with this fish can easily last for hours and will test the will of both the angler and the tackle. While this fish is considered edible, it is banned in parts of Australia for its high selenium and mercury content. If you have any fish stories about Black Marlin please leave your mark below in the comments...

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