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Hornpout (Ameiurus nebulosus)

The Hornpout or Ameiurus nebulosus is a freshwater fish that is found in many places in North America. This fish goes by a few different names including the Brown Bullhead, Mud Pout, Horned Pout and the Mud Cat. Much like the Snakehead and many species of Catfish, this fish thrives in lakes and ponds with low oxygen levels and muddy conditions. They are bottom feeders that mainly eat fish, clams, leeches, insects and certain plants.

If you are fishing for the Hornpout you can consider using corn as bait which is know to work quite well. If you catch one of these fish in relatively clean and clear water they are edible, but generally the poorer the water quality, the worse they taste.

Hornpouts grow to about 7lbs, but are normally about 2lbs. As you can see, they have a series of long barbels on their faces. Spawning for these fish occurs in the hot summer months. If you have any additional information about the Hornpout please leave us a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi we for the first time ever have seen a mud pout in the lake surronded by about 100 or so babies. Do mothers usually care for them? Also we caught one small one and are wondering how to care for it?they are still very small and completley black.

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